Farm shop & fish truck

We sell smoked rainbow salmon in different forms and with
varying seasonings: lemon pepper, herbs, garlic and parsley and many other tasty combinations. Smoked eel, smoked zander, grilled rainbow trout, patés, burgers, pickles and zander fillets are part of our standard range – as well as sauces, roe and other accompaniments to compliment your dining experience.

Wild-caught and cured fresh fish from the Bolmen is our pride. We are refining it and we hope you enjoy it. aged food crafts.

To order for the shop or the fish truck call +4637164000 or email

Order our fish buffet

For students, confirmations, memorial services or other special occasions.

▪Hot smokedrainbow trout
Smoked Zander
Smokedeel (can be replaced)
▪ Pike pâté
Rainbow Trout paté
Homemadepotato salad
▪ Tiraholmsröra
2 sauces

Order two days before you wish to collect the buffet.

The buffet is delivered on disposable plates. Please indicate if you would prefer to return porcelain.

295 SEK / pers

Call +4637164000 or email to place your order.

Gift vouchers

In the farm shop you can buy gift cards of any amount.

The gift card is valid for five years from the date of purchase and is valid in the farm shop, restaurant, hotel and fish truck…