Tiraholm through the years

Tiraholms Säteri is a farm with a long history, located on a peninsula in Bolmen. Today the Ekwall family conducts commercial fishing in the lake. The fish sold and served here at Tiraholm is caught in the lake and processed in our own facilities.

The oldest name for the current Tiraholm is Tidhra, which dates back to 1414 when the squire Peter Gudmunsson was the head of the farm. Eneroth, Porat and Löfgren are other famous names who held the property before it was sold to a German sawmill company in 1896. In 1907 Tiraholm was bought by Strömsnäs Bruks AB. The legend of Ebbe Skammelson testifies to the mystery surrounding the farm as early as the 11th century.


In the early 1920s, a Stockholm woman named Maja fell ill with tuberculosis and needed fresh air. Doctors were consulted and the advice was that the air at Bolmen was clean and healthy. Thus her husband Per Ekwall bought Tiraholm in 1928. The couple had four children, one of whom was their son Gustaf who, together with his wife Theresia, became the owners of the farm on Bolmen’s beach twenty years later.


Gustaf and Theresia practiced conventional farming with dairy farming and fishing as secondary activities. At the end of the 1950s, Gustaf started driving to the market square in Ljungby on Saturdays to sell mainly the popular bolmensik, but also pike, eel, perch and other fish from the lake. The extra income from the lake was certainly welcome as Gustaf and his wife Theresia were by now the parents of six children.

The little boy in this group of siblings is Nisse and together with his wife Vicky he has been running the farm since the spring of 1981 with fishing as his main occupation. His cousin Hugo, a fisherman in Lake Mälaren, was instrumental in getting professional commercial fishing with bottom nets up and running. Bottom trawling is a sustainable method of fishing where gear can be left in the lake all season. They are emptied at regular intervals and catch the fish alive, meaning that valuable and undersized fish can be returned to the lake unharmed.

When the farm was taken over, a rainbow trout farm was also started. At a steady pace, processing facilities have been refurbished, smokehouses built and rebuilt, boats bought and replaced.


As Vicky and Nisse became more comfortable as fish farmers and in the meantime had children, Jens, Malin and Jonas, they were able to open one of Sweden’s first farm shops in 1988. The shop sold smoked, grilled, filleted and fresh fish from Bolmen long before the word “locally produced food” was thought of.

The shop became popular and to broaden the range, the couple started experimenting with pâtés and burgers. The step to a small food service was not so far, the threshold was renovated and in 1998 the doors to Tiraholm’s fish restaurant opened. The restaurant is probably the only pure lake fish restaurant in Sweden, and it has a completely local character. Pike perch, pike, eel and rainbow trout are cooked to your order.

In 2006, the need for a small party room at Bolmen had become apparent, and after the storm Gudrun took large parts of the farm’s forest, storm-fallen timber was sawn up and during the winter a pub and ice cream café was built from the timber.

The visitor pressure continued to increase and in 2010 the restaurant was expanded after the children Jens, Malin and Jonas had thought about their involvement on the parent farm in the future, which facilitated the decision to increase the restaurant capacity from the previous 40 seats indoors to today’s more than 100. In 2012, the first Christmas table was served at Tiraholm, it was much appreciated and with craftsmanship and ingenuity we now offer about 40 dishes on lake fish and a tasty range of game meat from the forests in the local area.


In early summer 2018, the hotel at Tiraholm was ready for use. An industrious and delicate work by local craftsmen resulted in our red hotel building with water-inspired rooms and conference facilities. Overnight accommodation on the farm of course means a more complete experience here on the shores of Bolmen. It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome guests from near and far. We also take great pride in the fact that local companies and organizations hold their important meetings and host their customers and partners in our “Småland setting”.

The plant also forms the basis for the educational project “TänkH2O” that Sydvatten has been running at Bolmen for some time for secondary school students. Young people from Skåne come to Bolmen to learn in an interdisciplinary way about our most important food; water. We also see that a close collaboration with the research station that has been on the farm for some time, and is run by Sydvatten AB, makes Tiraholm and Bolmen a hub for water and lake fish-related issues in southern Sweden.

Over the years, we have humbly been nominated for and received awards for our entrepreneurship, environmental thinking and commitment to the community. Tiraholms Fisk is owned and operated by the Ekwall family. We are well supported by a few year-round employees and a lovely group of another 35 or so seasonal workers from the area.

We hope you have a great time at Tiraholm, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

A warm welcome from the Ekwall family and their friendly staff