Fish restaurant

Sweden’s only lake fish restaurant which serves tasty dishes of Zander, Pike, Rainbow Trout, Eel and Burbot.

Everything cooked according to their own recipes with the raw material from the lake in the center.

The restaurant is located in the farm’s old threshing barn and is rustically decorated offering a lovely and genuine atmosphere. We offer a sheltered pavilion by the beach for fresh spring days and warm summer evenings.

We look forward to welcoming your party whether it is for a nice day trip, quick lunch, birthday celebration or corporate event.

Of course, the premises are adapted for the disabled and we offer alternatives for allergy sufferers.

Menu at Tiraholm

Something before dinner

Served with bread and butter

Salmon tartare
Finally, we can present a modern classic! Rainbow trout with apple, horseradish, lemon and dill. Served with mustard vinaigrette and seasonal green crisps.


Bolmen triangles
A starter of pike pate, cold-smoked rainbow trout and smoked eel. Served with horseradish cream, bread and butter.


Smoked eel
Smoked in the farm’s smokehouse with alder wood


Pickled zander on wholemeal bread
A mixture of pickled zander, Turkish yogurt, cream, onion, lemon and parsley. Served on wholemeal bread, topped with deep-fried gravlax skins.


Light meals

Feel free to order a few different ones to share at the table as a pre-dinner snack or to accompany your drink!

Small / Large

Fried zander cheeks with smoked mayonnaise
Panko breaded cheeks from pike-perch. The mayonnaise is flavored with our new product – salmon oil on cold-smoked rainbow trout fat.

160:- / 260:-
about 6 pcs / about 12 pcs

French fries with smoked mayonnaise
Crispy fries in shell from Kristianstad. The mayonnaise is flavored with our new product – salmon oil on cold-smoked rainbow trout fat.

70:- / 95:-

Tiraholmsröra with crispy bread
Creme-fraich spread on hot smoked rainbow trout, red onion, parsley and mayonnaise, homemade rye crackers.

140:- / 195:-
ca 1 hg/ca 2 hg

Chips med regnbågsrom
Our delicious red rainbow trout roe with creme fraiche, red onion and lightly salted farm chips. Simple and delicious, if you have already ordered champagne.

195:- / 350:-
ca 40g/ca 75g

Tray with three inlays
Our popular lake fish pickles. Served with butter, crispbread and cheese

175 :-

½ meter smoked eel
Smoked in the farm’s smokehouse with alder wood, served in about 8-10 pieces.


Vegetarian / vegan dishes

Cheeseburgers from Skottorp dairy
with French fries and sauce


with herb mayonnaise and French fries (also available with vegan sauce)


Beef steaks made from our own Red Angus natural pasture meat.
in cream sauce with thyme. Served with boiled potatoes and pickled cucumber.


Main dishes
Always on Tiraholm

These dishes are classics on the farm, some have been there since the beginning 25 years ago!
Choose between boiled potatoes and French fries to accompany the dishes.

Spice-smoked rainbow trout
From the farm’s smokehouse comes this hot-smoked rainbow trout, served cold with dill sauce.


Honey and mustard grilled
rainbow trout
The fillet is glazed with honey and mustard and a herb seasoning of libbons, sage and hyssop. Served with dill sauce. .


Fried zander fillet
Fillet breaded with egg and breadcrumbs, fried in butter.
Served with sea buckthorn butter and dill sauce.
(if you choose French fries, they are served with remoulade sauce).


Grilled zander fillet
The fillet is brushed with cold-pressed rapeseed oil and a seasoning of oregano, lemon balm and marigold, served with a coleslaw remoulade.


Rainbow Fish and Chips
Deep-fried rainbow trout, served with French fries, salad and remoulade sauce.


Pike burger plate
Pike burger served with bread, French fries, pickled red onion and two different sauces.


Tiraholm board
For 2 people, smoked eel, pike pâté, gravlax and hot smoked rainbow trout with dill sauce, gravlax sauce, butter and bread.

for 2 persons

Currently on Tiraholm

The seasons vary, as does the availability of the raw material and taste preferences… These dishes are occasionally served on the farm. Watch out!

Butter-grilled pike-perch
Sliced zander loin grilled with butter. Served with beetroot cream, chives, clarified butter and boiled potatoes.


Wine-cooked zander fillet
Pike perch fillet cooked in a cream and wine sauce with mushrooms from the forests of Tiraholm and spices from Österlen and an herb oil. Served with boiled potatoes


Flank steak of pike
Sea buckthorn marinated fried pike served with horseradish cream and our own salmon jovis. Well between boiled potatoes and French fries.


Roasted rainbow trout
with crispy skin, served with boiled potatoes and wild garlic cream.


We make all dishes as children’s portions!

After dinner
With Siaglass as a base

Halloween dream
Bourbon vanilla ice cream, warm raspberries,
cream and white chocolate


Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, dark chocolate,
cream and biscuits


Sea buckthorn
Bourbon vanilla ice cream, sea buckthorn sauce, cream
and dark chocolate


Starke Harald
Vanilla ice cream with liqueur of your choice; Baileys, Egg Liqueur, Lakka, Amaretto, Drambui


Elderberries & Strawberry sorbet
with strawberry compote and digestive biscuits


From the farm's pastry shop

Brownie with hazelnut truffles
served with sea buckthorn curd and cream


kardemumma Creme Brulèe
with raspberry sorbet


Blueberry pie with vanilla sauce
as classic as it sounds – the berries are picked in the forests around Tiraholm!