Why a hotel at Bolmen?

Firstly, there are many of you that have followed us over the years. You have
asked us questions, supported us and cheered to show your appreciation. For
this, we extend our heartfelt thanks and without you, Tiraholm would not be
what it is today.


In 2018 we took a new step to offer new and old guests an even more complete
experience at Lake Bolmen. An 18 room hotel with conference facilities built in
the field to the north of the main buildings. Our hope is that through this , we will
be able to invite more visitors who wish to experience Lake Bolmen and its
surroundings together with our local produce.
Our own freshly caught and farmed fish will still, of course, occupy centre stage
and form the back bone of our business.


As the world becomes more and more urbanised , we appreciate that more people
want to experience nature and the countryside together with comfortable living.
Tiraholm is a setting where we can offer local produce in a wonderful
environment accompanied with the good service that everyone deserves. With
the added opportunity of available outdoor pursuits, e.g. Fishing, swimming,
canoeing, hiking, cycling, skating, sauna and star gazing together with access to
exciting cultural heritage sites close by – our hope is that visitors from all over
the world will spend a few nights here on a spot which we call our home.


We also offer companies and businesses modern conference facilities and
overnight stays for any clients and suppliers.
The facilities are the base for Sydvatten AB´s water project Think H2O!, which
brings upper secondary high school students to Bolmen, where they spend two
days at Bolmen and Tiraholm to learn as much as possible about our most
important resource – Water.


The investment in the hotel has meant that we can hire more people to work here
with and increase employment opportunities in the area. An hotel became the
best way forward and create a future for our lives here on Bolmen´s west
shoreline. We hope to welcome you as a guest soon!