We have proudly received a number of awards and awards for our work


2019 – Company of the year (Södra Hestra Sparbank)
2019 – Finalist in Your Farm- Your opportunity in Sweden
2018 – Enabler of the year (Förtegarna i Hylte)
2015 – Diploma from the gastronomic academy in Skåneland
2014 – Nominated for LRF Award “Spearhead Company of the Year”
2013 – Participated in the TV program “Sweden’s Finest Farms” on TV4
2013 – Nominated for “The Year’s Food Hero in Sweden”
2012 – Entrepreneur of the year in Hylte municipality
2010 – BERTEBO’s award in collaboration with the Halland Academy
2006 – Sprat of the Year – a honorary nomination for sharp innovation from
Swedish Fish
2004 – We received Hylte municipality environmental award.
2004 – We received the West Swedish Gastronomic Academy diploma.
2000 – We received the award for Entrepreneur of the year in Finnveden.