Tiraholm and the outside world

Climate-smart, circular, locally produced, rejuvenating, vibrant countryside and,
not least, sustainable, are necessary words on each person’s lips now in the 21st
century. These concepts have played a vital role in the activities at Tiraholms
Fisk for almost 40 years, actually, even longer. It hasn’t just been a guide either;
it has been a matter of course. Let us explain.


When Vicky and Nisse decided in the early 1980s to invest in a rural life and
thus professional fishing in Lake Bolmen, there was no alternative but to focus
on fishing that did not threaten the local ecosystem in the lake. By fishing with
bottom nets that allow us to catch the fish alive and thereby releasing the most
valuable fish, we ensure that the stocks in Bolmen remain at a healthy level. It
also means that we always have fresh fish, we think you appreciate that!


Since 1981 we have also farmed rainbow trout on a small basis. Fish farms are often
debated from many different perspectives. It is primarily the size of our fish farm which does not affect the lake’s water quality. Careful work with feeding and the type of equipment used, raises healthy fish which is easily seen in the quality of our produce.


In our farm shop, one of Sweden’s first, and founded at a time when
supermarkets and chain outlets were the obvious way forward, we sell the fish
we catch ourselves, or grow and process on the farm. It is not more difficult than
that. The same is true of our restaurant, which is, by the way, mainly built with
storm-felled wood from Gudrun that we mill ourselves. Other commodities we
require, such as dairy, eggs, vegetables, drinks and ice cream, we source as
locally and regionally as possible.


We also see it as an important challenge to constantly find new ways to use more
of the fish and catch. This has resulted in products using Zander cheek, fish
skins and “so-called” junk fish such as roach and bream.

The entire operation at Tiraholm is heat ed with wood chips from its own forest
wood chips and is 100% renewable and requires transport of only a few hundred
meters. With regard to wastewater, for quite some time now, we have chosen to
purify the residual water in open ponds instead of burying waste in the soil.


Energy-smart solutions and careful sourcing are visibly obvious on the farm.


With the help of “Climate Change”, in 2019 we made a substantial investment by
installing 16 charging posts on the site. We want to be ready for the future and
not only attract conscientious guests here but, also ensure that they leave from


Over the years, we have had about 200 young people employed for seasonal
work and for many of them it has been their first summer job. We believe that
meaningful jobs have an impact on both the individual and the region. We do not
in any way claim that it is accredited to us, but we note that many of those who
have worked with us in their teens now at adulthood, live, work and in many
cases run businesses in the countryside.


Our newly built hotel and conference facility has, like all other investments,
been made possible by the use of local craftsmen, suppliers and contractors.
Furniture and materials have been carefully selected for Swedish production and
durable materials. In most cases we feel we have succeeded well.


We look forward to being a small part of you and your business, and being able
to achieve your high sustainability goals. We would be happy to te ll you more!