Cleaning and smoking of the fish

The fish preparation area and the fish smoking facilities are located in a building
near the dock. All fish caught or taken from fish farm, arrive firstly at the
cleaning room, where they are washed and cooled with ice in our cold room. A
large number of fish are processed into fillets and are prepared in a specially
designated area, which is also the area where the rainbow trout are pickled. Any
fish allocated for smoking are immersed in brine the day before.


The smokers are walled ovens built according to old drawings and are lit in the
mornings using alder, which is cut from our woods surrounding the farm. The
salted fish are washed and hung on racks within the smokers.


We produce both hot and cold-smoked fish, the hot-smoked fish is ready after 4 –
6 hours. The cold smoked fish , smokes at lower temperatures and needs to be in
the smoker for up to 48 hours. The eel is always hot-smoked. To get different
flavours of hot-smoked rainbow trout, we season it with different herbs and
spices. After smoking, the fish is cooled down quickly in a separate cold room
and is then ready to enjoy.