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O P E N I N G  H O U R S  F O R  T H E  F I S H  R E S T A U R A N T  2 0 2 0


April 5 – 26
Sunday 12.00-16.00 (also 10-11/4, Saturday 11:th an Easter buffet is served from
6 pm )


May 2 – June 14, also 22-23/5
Saturday & Sunday 12.00-18.00
On Mother´s Day, 31 May, we will be open between 11.30-19.00 and serve a 3-
course meal where you can choose from our popular entrées and main dishes.
For dessert there will be Swedish strawberries.


June 19- August 16
Daily 12.00-20.00


August 17-30
Daily 12.00-18.00


September 5-27
Saturday – Sunday 12.00-16.00


Father´s Day, 8 November, & Christmas buffet in December!


We are happy to welcome larger groups at any time.


Who’s going to drive?
To enable everyone to have a good time without having to designate a “driver”,
why not stay over and enjoy a good breakfast too.
– It is now possible to book an overnight stay at our new hotel! –
Fill in the message box if you want to book a hotel.


For same day bookings call + 46 (0) 371 – 640 19

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