About the restaurant

In our restaurant we offer hot and cold dishes of Zander, Pike, Rainbow trout,
Eel and Burbot.


Fried, grilled, deep-fried, smoked, pickled or fermented? You get to choose!
Check out our Menu. We’ll gladly serve a glass of white wine or a good
Tiraholm pilsner with your food, or why not a schnapps with your smoked Eel?
The restaurant, with its rustic d├ęcor, is located in the farm’s old threshing barn,
and offers a lovely and comfortable atmosphere.


During hot summer days, there is plenty of space in our nice outdoor dining area,
where you can enjoy great ice-cream in addition to your dinner. Please note that
we have differing opening hours throughout the year. We welcome the booking
of groups, arranging special occasions and events throughout the year. Please
call ahead to check availability.


In 2010, we expanded our premises and can now receive about 100 seated guests
indoors. We also have a lovely outdoor terrace for hot summer days. Of course,
the facilities are equipped to receive the differently abled people and we have
alternative menu choices for those with allergies.

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