The fish farm

A short distance from our dock lies the specialised area for the cultivation of our
rainbow trout stock. Trout fry come to Tiraholm at about three months of age at
the end of June-July and weigh approximately 15 grams. The fish are divided
into three large tanks and the first portion of their stay involves an intensive
period of hand feeding.


During this period, we have to go out to the little ones several times a day and
feed them. Once they have acclimatized, they are then fed via an ingenious
machine. From the mechanical feeder, an arm extends down into the water, when
the fish swims against it a small amount of food is released. This means that the
juvenile fish have access to feed around the clock to aid in their growth. By the
end of the second summer they weigh about 1-1.2 kg and are large enough to be
consumed. However, some are allowed an extended growth period, to increase in
size, before we take them in to be processed.


During the third summer, the fish have grown well, and they may then be served
in both in our shop or the restaurant. During the autumn, the remaining rainbow
trout can weigh up to four kilos. They are then harvested, sorted by size, and
frozen to be used for smoking and pickling the following spring.