Birds and wildlife

In the area around Tiraholm there is a rich variety of animal and bird life. In the
woods there are moose, deer, fox, hare and badger, and if you are lucky you can
see grouse. All across the lake are very common seabirds of different species,
but heron and osprey are also frequently seen. The osprey often follow the boat
when it is time to bring in the nets, and it’s never disappointed, receiving
delicious bites of fish served directly from the boat.


In Spring, we always have a visit from breeding Canadian geese as well as grey
geese, and a number of cranes will stay over with us, on their way to the lake of
Hornborgarsjön. There are also plenty of swans, eagles, seagulls, herring gulls
and a variety of ducks that keep visitors’ company.