Why a Fish Restaurant at Bolmen?

The restaurant has been around since 1998. We felt there was a desire among the companies in the immediate area to have a place to host personal events, and for individuals to enjoy their trip to Tiraholm a bit longer. The thoughts of Vicky and Nisse were "If I can cook for my family I can cook some more ". The help of a local carpenter was enlisted and another couple of summer-loving young people were hired.


In our first summer we had many visitors and received mass media attention for our unique idea of a restaurant serving only freshwater fish. The appreciation from our guests has continued and resulted in our addition in 2006 of a pub and ice cream bar in our old timber storage, which was rebuilt with boards from the forest, from trees felled by the storm Gudrun.


In 2010 we could once again knock out a few walls and expand the restaurant to its present appearance, with a nice bar and seating for about 100 guests. Today, we give about 35 young people summer jobs and are therefore one of Hylte municipality's largest private employers for young people.