Fishing with traps

Fishing has been the main activity at Tiraholm since we started the business in 1981. To catch the fish we use big fish-traps which are specially designed nets anchored to the shore that extend horizontally out into the lake. Each net is suspended between the floats on the surface and the bed of the lake and has a net cone at the end of a succession of one-way funnels to hold the fish until they are collected. The cone is attached to a long rope and a float.

Some of the traps are made for catching big fish like zander, pike and bream, others are made for smaller fish like eel, perch, whitefish and roach. The fish enter the trap in the shallow water near the shore, then they gradually swim into deeper water and further into the trap through several one-way funnels, ending up in the cone at the end. They swim about in the trap without being harmed by the nets.


On average the fish-traps are emptied two or three times a week. The fish are more active in the shallow water during the spring and autumn but stay in the deep water to get cool during hot summers. The traps are emptied more often in the spring and autumn because they fill up quicker. To empty the traps we position a boat above the cone lying on the lake bed. With the long rope, the cone is hauled up to the surface and its end unfastened, the fish are tipped into buckets in the boat and any small or unsuitable fish are thrown back into the lake allowing them to grow bigger and secure a healthy population in the lake. The end is then re-fastened and lowered to the lake bed again, ready to catch more fish.