Fishing with traps

Fishing has been the main activity at Tiraholm since we started the business in 1981. To catch the fish in Bolmen, we use fish-traps which are specially designed to be anchored to the shore and then extend horizontally out into the lake. Each net is suspended between the floats on the surface and the lakebed. The nets gradually reduce in size, until finally ending in a long cone. A succession of one-way funnels, within the cone, ensure that the fish are retained until collection. The fish are retrieved by lifting the end of the cone section to the surface and releasing the catch.

Different designs of traps are used dependent on the species being harvested. One type of trap may be designed for larger species i.e. Zander, Pike and Bream. Another may be specifically designed for smaller fish, such as Eel, Perch, Whitefish and Roach. The fish enter the trap in the shallow waters near the shore and gradually make their way deeper through the net and series of funnels, where eventually end up in the cone-end of the net. The fish are able to move freely within the net, without being injured or harmed in any way.


On average the fish-traps are emptied two or three times a week. The fish are more active in the shallow water during the spring and autumn but stay in the deeper water to stay cool, during hot summers. Due to the increased activity of the fish during spring and autumn, the traps are emptied more often as they fill more quickly. When emptying the traps, we position a boat above the cone lying on the lakebed. With the aid of a long rope, the cone is slowly hauled up to the surface and its end unfastened. The fish are then carefully removed using a hand net and placed into storage containers on the boat. Any undersize or unsuitable fish are then returned to the water, where they can continue to thrive and grow, in order to enhance and secure a healthy fish population within the lake.