Bolmen and fishing licenses

Bolmen, with its 185 km ², is Sweden’s tenth largest lake and is located across
three counties, Kronoberg, Jönköping and Halland County. There is a wide
variety of both bird life and numerous fish species, such as eel, pike and perch.


The water is of high quality , where the pH is between 6.7 – 6.8. There is a water
tunnel that feeds down to Skåne, where Bolmen’s water is shared with other
communities, and is used as drinking water.


In the early 1990s, the Bolmen’s Fisheries Association was formed, which,
among other things, manages the sale of fishing licenses, which can be purchased
in many locations around the lake, Tiraholm being one of them and the fees are
listed below:


Day pass: 100:-
Weekly card: 300:-
Monthly card: 400:-


Fishing licenses are issued the individual and it allows for fishing with two rods
per licence.
For children under the age of 18, fishing is free