Lake Bolmen and fishing-licenses

Bolmen is the tenth biggest lake in Sweden, at approximately 185 km2, it has a rich population of different fish species. It is situated in three different administrative districts. The area around the lake is an important recreation area. Many people chose this lovely area for their second homes and holiday cottages. The water is clean and has a good pH, about 6.7 – 6.8. Water is taken through a tunnel to Skåne, the southern part of Sweden, to be used as drinking water.

Bolmen has a “fish-care” association that sells fishing-licenses. If you are 16 years or older, you must buy a license to be allowed to fish in the lake. You can buy your fishing-license at several different places around the lake, including at Tiraholms Fisk.

Prices for a license:
24 hours: 75:-
Week: 250:-
Month: 350:-

The licenses are personal and you are allowed to use two rods per license.



Sportfiske i Bolmen



Opening week 35

Fish shop 10:00 to 18:00

All days

Restaurant 12:00 to 18:00

All days


Hotell bookings welcome!


Phone: 0371-640 19

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