Fish farm

Our trout farm sits in the lake a couple of hundred meters away from the jetty. We have a permit to produce 20 tons of trout. We buy the baby trout from other business; they hatch the fish-eggs and raise them until they are about three months old. At the beginning of July they are brought to us by lorry in big tanks. The fish go into three different cultivation nets and then start an intensive period of feeding; we feed the fish several times a day and monitor their health.
After a couple of weeks the fish become acclimatised and learn to get their own food from an automatic feeding hopper. The fish knock against a stick that hangs down into the water from the hopper; this action releases food into the water. This system works very well as it enables the fish to feed at any time and helps them to grow at a good rate.
In winter we don´t feed the trout very often because, being cold blooded animals, they don´t grow or eat much.
We count the age of fish in summer (because they don´t grow in the winter). Towards the second summer they weigh between 1-1.2 kg and are ready to be consumed however we do grow some fish bigger. During their third summer the trout grow much larger and are frequently used in the restaurant and smokery. By their third October some of them weigh up to four kilos. In the smokery and restaurant we use fish from the age of two summers, weighing between one and four kilos.




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