At Tiraholm we care about the environment. Fishing is done in an environmentally friendly way; the furthest part of the fish-trap is a big net cone where the fish can swim around until it is time to empty the trap. That gives us the opportunity to release those fish that are too small and the ones that aren’t of immediate use.

We smoke all the fish with alder wood, chopped in the surrounding forest.

The heating for all the Tiraholm buildings is provided by a furnace fuelled by wood chips. The chips are made from forest thinnings unsuitable for other purposes. To heat the smokery furnaces we use alder, it gives a lot of smoke and not too much heat.

All timber used on the farm, is sawn in our sawmill.

We recycle glass, paper and plastic and we are always seeking to improve our environmental practices.



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Fish shop 10:00 to 18:00

All days

Restaurant 12:00 to 18:00

All days


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Phone: 0371-640 19

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